Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics!

Hey guys! What's up? :3
This is another review as I promised, and it's about a new indie and vegan brand of cosmetics, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics! PZC opened in 2012 and is cruelty-free, so you can buy it happy to know that any animal were hurt for its formula!
There are currently matte liquid lipsticks in 8 colors: Purple Poison, Spellbook, Zombettie, Black Cat, Pink Potion, 3 Witches, Blue Moon and Poison #9. I chose Zombettie because it is very similar to Lime Crime's Red Velvet, but I don't have money for this one. PZC is not an expensive brand like Lime Crime and got an amazing quality.


I loved the way the product was packaged in the box. My Zombettie was kept under the white paper and with the card above it. What I just don't understand is that the photos I saw on Instagram showed a flourescent green paper, but anyway, still lovely. 
I just love their character! She's a pin-up zombie! 


In the website, they say that it dries in 90 seconds, but it was like, 10 seconds to me! It feels soft and velvet-like after the application, but after two hours, I started feeling that my lips were so dry. That's the only negative point about it.
The color is sooo beautiful and sexy and everybody asked me to borrow my Zombettie hahahaha. It is easy to apply, but if you're not good at applying red lipsticks like me, you will need a wet swab.

Watching the basics!

Overall rating: 4.5/5
I'm totally going to buy more liquid lipsticks at PZC!
Bye ♥

XOXO, Amyh

Friday, June 6, 2014

Finally an update! Blippo Kawaii Shop review!

I know there is a long time since my last update, but I have explanations: school is killing me and my computer had serious problems, then my father bought a new one two days ago.
Anyway, this post is a review of a super cute store called Blippo! The prices are so amazing, just like the stuff they sell. I mean, you want to buy EVERYTHING on there! They sell many cute things, from Pocky to Rilakkuma toys, Decoden stickers to fashion accessories! The shipping is free for any order to any country, but you can choose to pay shipping (for a very cheap price) to get a tracking number. As the Brazilian mail service is a sh*t, it was better to pay the shipping.

 What I bought:

♥ Hello Kitty Pocky
♥ Pink umbrella pen
Note: the keychain is a goodie included in any Blippo order!

 Hello Kitty Pocky review:

I was amazed with the HK Pocky! It is not a Glico Pocky (the brand is Kabaya), but the taste is basically the same, with exception that the strawberry chocolate is way more delicious than Glico's!

I freaked out when I opened the box and found out THIS F***ING CUTE PACKAGE!It's so damn kawaii and there are Hello Kitties everywhere and omg!!!

Posing with Pocky! Tee hee

Also, in the back of the box, there is a manga stripe! Each box comes with a random story. Mine's about Kitty's grandparents. So cute!

Overall rating: 5/5
Note: Currently out of stock

 Umbrella pen:

It was available also in blue, yellow and green, but I obviously chose pink! This is one of the cutest pens that I ever seen. The ink is blue and the writing is so soft. Love it in every way!

Overall rating: 5/5
Note: Currently out of stock

 Store's overall review:

I'm speechless about Blippo. Everything is so awesome about this shop! I'm surely going to buy more stuff at Blippo whenever I can. I even got a discount code to my next purchase! The staff is so lovely too. 

5/5 to Blippo Kawaii Shop!

And now, I announce the review of the next post: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics' "Zombettie" liquid lipstick!
Thanks for reading!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

The teenage dream

Photo from WeHeartIt

And it's not about the Katy Perry song - it's about real life. 
You don't have to feel ashamed: you grew up believing that the teenage years are made of a rebel and forbidden glamour. You've watched Clueless, Mean Girls, Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen and the Oslen twins' movies in your childhood and used to trust in the beauty of that crazy youth. But the only movie that I've watched that is more similar to real life is The Princess' Diaries. No, not that part of finding out that you are a princess, but how being a teenager can be difficult and not exactly glamorous.

No wardrobe softwares, Chanel bags, Tiffany's necklaces or the coolest phones of this generation. The teenage life, that used to sound like a love game featuring fashionable clothes, is actually a hell. All I want now is graduate and move to São Paulo to enroll to the Dramatic Arts college, as I said in a previous post. 
But as the adult life is even harder than the teenage life, I want to forget about the college for now. I want to direct, write the script and play the starring role of myself on my own teenage movie. 
If my movie is about being an "idle teen" or an ugly and not rich girl, it will be. Not saying that it is. I mean, we all got our stories and experiences. And even if everything is hard, we have to turn our ugly-duclking-youth into a beautiful swan.

Photo found on WeHeartIt

It can be also pretty awesome to being young. You don't have kids, bills, a husband and a full-time job. As I have only 23 months of adolescence, I want to make them special. I did a list of things that I want to do before turning 18, but what I wrote is a secret. I want to look at my old photos one day and say: "It was hard, but it was fun!". Graduation will arrive, and it will make me feel that my teenage dream is complete. 

XOXO, Amyh

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

♡ Tag: Liebster Award ♡

My very dear and lovely friend Ichigo from Sussurro do Ar tagged me on this challenge. I must have to say 11 facts about me and answer to 11 questions. Sooo, let's go!


1) I used to believe in fairies when I was nine and ten years old. I still believing that similar creatures do exist, and I STRONGLY believe in mermaids.
2) My first dream job was doctor. But as I don't have ANY skills for biology, medicine and science, I gave up and I found out that I was born to be an actress.
3) My biggest fashion inspirations (role models) are Marina Diamandis, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, AMO and comic characters like Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.
4) I literally freak out when I finish my eyeliners. Can't live without them.
5) I am not exactly latina. I am linked to Italians and Japaneses. And my great-great-grandmother is Spanish. Isn't this awesome? 
6) I dream of traveling to Greece for my honeymoon, then give birth to three princesses: Helena, Alice and Venus. 
7) My brother became an US citizen this year and I'm going to step on the North-American ground very soon!
8) I'm Wiccan in the Greek pantheon. I love Hera and Athena unconditionally. But my parents don't even know about it, they're crazy Christians. 
9) I am a more-than-active user of Tumblr and WeHeartIt. My W♥I nickname is PastelSwan ;)
10) I enjoy having my own fashion style and try different styles all the time, but the kawaii/pastel-ish one is my favorite. 
11) The stuffed animal that appears on many selfies of me is Ririka. I have her since I was eight years old and she's my biggest companion. ->>>>


1) What was your biggest motivation to open the blog?
I want to share my own world with everyone who has the same interests and promote my work as an actress, songwriter and model. 
2) What makes you feel alive?
What makes me feel alive is always something free. Like the nature, my friends, my grandmother and my beloved one. The best things of life are priceless. 
3) What is your favorite fairy tale?
Smallhead And The King's Sons! It's a celtic fairy tale and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the plot!
4) What is the main color in your wardrobe?
Hard to answer, but pink, white and black.
6) Which skill/talent you'd like to have?
Gymnastic skills, but I mean, in a very Harley Quinn way!
7) What is your fashion style?
I have my own. And I've already explained about it in this post haha.
8) What people see and remember of you?
I don't know... Ponies, musicals and pink, I guess.
9) Does has something that bothers you because it is available in child-size only? 
Yes! Disney Princess licensed clothes! 
10) What do you do to "feed" your soul?
I sing and pray to Hera <3
11) What is alternative fashion for you?
A brand-new world of awesomeness!

So, I'm not going to tag no one, but if you want to, you can answer to these questions:
1) Which song you currently just can't stop listening to?
2) What is your favorite lipstick color?
3) Which Disney movie is your favorite and why?
4) My favorite toy in childhood was...
5) What is your favorite social network?
6) How do you express yourself?
7) What is your dream travel?
8) You'd rather wear the same outfit forever or be naked for a day?
9) Hello Kitty, Care Bears or My Little Pony?
10) What is your favorite memory from the 90's/childhood?
11) What is the worst book you've read?

Comment if you're going to answer to them in your blog and please link me there! Bye bye!

XOXO, Amyh

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

eBay mini-haul!

I received what I asked for birthday this year: money. So I decided to do a mini-haul on eBay ('cause I spent my money in other online shops) and I bought three items from China: a wig, a headband and a pair of over-knee socks (I'll talk about the other items I bought later).

Let's start with the over-knee socks. I bought them for US2.66 (seller is susuway and there are in white, pink and purple available too). Really cheap price and I simply love them. They're SO comfy and soft, I love to walk with them. They're perfect for cold winter nights. They're even prettier than in the description photos.

Aren't they a cutie?

The wig... I SIMPLY LOVE THE WIG! It was only US14.36 (seller is purple-lucky). So cheap for a high-quality wig! The hair is so soft and shiny (but not TOO shiny, or it would look so fake). I bought it for two reasons. First, I'm tired of my black hair, but my parents won't let me dye my hair. Second, I'm going to cosplay Dr. Haleen Quinzel (I'd like to cosplay Harley Quinn in the Arkham City version but I don't have money for that). PLUS, it makes me feel like Marina in the "Radioactive" music video.

Photo not edited to show the accurate color of the wig

(Also, do I really have to say that I started spinning when I wore it?)

Now it's time to talk about the "leaf" headband. As I pray to Hellenic gods and I feel really inspired by the old grecian fashion sometimes, I couldn't resist. It was really cheap too, only US1.15 (seller is wangli3692012). The only negative point about it is that it is too tight and I start feeling pain in my head. 

It is the best photo I took of it, sorry. But it makes me feel like a goddess!

Now the final notes: all of them arrived CRAZILY fast. The Brazilian mail service is horrible and it takes a month, two or even four to my packages arrive. But they arrived in less than a month. Not complaining, but it scares me haha.

Hmm... Yeah, that is. Really enjoyed all of them!

XOXO, Amyh

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The High School drama

So, I'm finally in my Sophomore year. When I was a kid, I used to watch teen movies like High School Musical and The Barbie Diaries (yes, it is the first and only Barbie animation for teens) and I believed that my HS years would be a dream - and guess what? These are the worst years ever. 
Sure, it's great to be only sixteen. It's great to be young. But High School brought me the worst experiences of my life. Let's start with the schedule issue. MY SCHOOL HAS THE WORST SCHEDULE EVER! I really don't know what the hell the headmistress was thinking (probably "let's make the kids go crazy"). Then we have the exams and all that stuff. So the subjects that I hate, like Physics and Chemistry. Subjects like these never worked with me. I'm a 100% artistic person and at the last time I entered in a Chemistry lab, I almost fainted because of the killing odor. 

The crazy schedule makes EVERYONE really tired. I mean, a KILLING tiredness. Now let's talk about the social issue. I don't have problems with it because I really don't care for what people say about me (and they say a lot because of my clothes), but people around me do. I have a friend who got serious problems socially. And I have friends who love parties, and I hate. They constantly call me to party with them, but I always refuse. So people will say you're "boring, annoying, weird" (but as I said, I don't care). 

But there's a point that's very similar to the fake High School world shown in the movies: the key to be a cool person is dating or kissing a hot guy. Why people care so much about dating issues when you have to study to graduate? I DON'T GET THAT! And why studying makes you a "boring person"? Crazy little world!

Anyway, I'm really busy because almost all of these issues, so that's why I'm not posting here too much. All I want is graduate and start the Dramatic Arts college. Yay! 

XOXO, Amyh

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cosmetics I'm "addicted" to

So, I want to talk about which cosmetics I'm "addicted" to! There are a few products that we can't live without them. Mine are these:


I don't know who invented the eyeliner, but I just want to thank this person so much. Right, I've heard that the Egyptians invented it, but it's not the point. You can be anything with it, from a girly doll to a sexy cat, and do anything you want. I freaked out when I finished my eyeliner tube a few months ago. I seriously can't live without it. 


Life would be so boring without them. There are endless lipstick color palettes today, from the classic red to a sunny yellow (Lime Crime, you know?). Lip glosses are magical, they fit with anything. I have a bag just for my lip glosses, and I can't leave home without one. A day is sunnier when your lips shine!


Another great invention of the humanity. Have you ever heard that life's better with colors? THAT'S WHY NAIL POLISHES EXIST! Fortunately, we can create many arts with these babes nowadays. I just can't look at my nails when they're without polish because they look so boring.


Right, there is a very good reason for why I can't live without body lotions. The weather of the city I live is horrible (I mean, rarely rains here). When I moved to here, my skin became SO dry, specially my legs. I don't apply lotions everyday, but at least once a week. I recently tried Mary Kay's Satin Body and it is one of the best lotions ever, a must-have to everyone who lives in a city with bad weather like me. 

And you? Which cosmetics are your favorites? Leave a comment ;)

XOXO, Amyh

Note: All images were found at WeHeartIt and edited by myself at Fotorl and Photoshop CS3

Monday, February 17, 2014

My name is Amyh and I'm late!

I know I said that I was going to open my personal blog at February 12. But why exactly I'm late? I wanted to open it after finishing the layout design but I have no idea of what and how I'll do it. I'll keep with this ugly layout until I finish a good one.
So, let's start... I'm Amyh and I'm (almost) 16 years old. I'm Brazilian and I have a Tumblr blog since 2010. I decided to open this blog because I want to post reviews, tips, tutorials, videos and cute stuff - also a bit of my life. I have a blog in Portuguese, but one in English is better because people worldwide can read it.
Well, I have a bunch of stuff to post about, but I know where to start.
So keep visiting my blog to see what's new ;)
And hum... Yeah!

XOXO, Amyh